BOISE -- A Boise family is back home together on Monday after a terrifying weekend.

Will Murkle and his 10-year-old daughter Megun went for a drive on Saturday afternoon.

They were with John Julian and his two children, 8-year-old Samantha and 7-year Isaac.

Will Murkle says they had no supplies, and around 2:30 p.m., they got stuck in the snow on Long Gulch Road.

They were close to Lucky Peak, near the town of Prairie.

Megun says she's glad she was able to walk the 19 miles for help.

It was just a long journey, but fun and miserable, said Megun.

Megun and her father Will are still sore on Monday, but grateful they were able to find help, even though it took all day.

I was also thinking, we can do this, we can do this, I just kept saying that in my head and we did it, said Megun.

Will Murkle says they just wanted to see animals and go for a drive in the country, and never expected to get stranded.

We got stuck, we got unstuck, and we got stuck again, said Will Murkle.

Will Murkle says everyone was able to keep a good attitude, even though they had no food overnight and slept in the truck.

He says they had no cell phone service either and huddled under coats all night.

Meanwhile, Will's wife Chaunte was up all night as well - worried.

My heart told me they were okay and we just needed to find them, so I knew they were okay, you just let your mind take you to wild places you don't want to think of, said Chaunte Murkle.

Sunday morning, Murkle says they decided to start walking, with all three kids, doing anything they could to keep everyone going.

I came up with the 99 head of elk on the hill, so we sang that, said Will Murkle.

They finally found someone home at a cabin, 19 miles from where they started, and called their families to come get them.

When I first saw my mom I was like yes we're home, I was just so happy to see her, said Megun Murkle.

The names and numbers of those who volunteered to help search are still written on the family's front mirror.

Will Murkle says the experience taught him a lot.

It brought me and Megun closer, she amazed me with what she could do at ten, said Will Murkle.

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