ARLINGTON, Wash. -- Snohomish County sheriff s detectives have found human remains buried on an Arlington property.

Detectives served a search warrant at the 8100 block of Wade Road Thursday. They found the human remains buried under a concrete slab on the property.

Investigators have booked a 48-year-old Michelel Donahue into Snohomish County Jail for Second Degree Murder. Detectives believe the remains are that of her husband, Byron Wright, who went missing in 2004. But the medical examiner still needs to determine the identity and the cause of death.

Deputies believe Donahue killed her husband and then hid his body to cover up the crime.

Donahue filed for divorce shortly after Wright disappeared. According to court documents she claimed her husband had run off with a younger woman, packing just his clothes, his shaving kit, and left her. Her divorce petition reveals she got their home, his car collection, and half his Boeing retirement plan.

Police believe Donahue originally buried his remains in the yard, but when she remarried, her new husband and his friend dug up the remains and reburied them under the concrete slab in the shop.

Officials also found what they believe is a chop shop on the property. A stolen pickup was recovered at the location along with other evidence.

Donahue is behind held on a million dollars bail. Police say her new husband and his friend will not likely face charges, since the statue for improper disposal of human remains has run out.

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