SPOKANE, Wash. An alleged repeat streaker was at it again Christmas night in Downtown Spokane.

Police said the man was exposing himself to holiday traffic Wednesday afternoon.

Spokane police said 46-year-old Lance Emigh has a history of exposing himself in public. They said he frantically tries to get people s attention while he does it.

Temperatures were well below freezing but that did not deter Emigh from allegedly stripping down and exposing himself to everyone who came his way, according to court documents.

Court records show a cab driver saw Emigh strip down and wave his arms to try and attract attention. It happened near Sprague and Browne.

Documents state the witness went on to tell police Emigh was making sure everyone was seeing him as they went by and that he found the behavior shocking and offensive.

The driver called police but Emigh s pants were back on by the time they arrived, according to documents.

Officers said Emigh refused to say if he had been naked.

Officers said they ran his history and he had an indecent exposure conviction from 2012.

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