SPOKANE, Wash.--Customers are still worried about whether it is safe to shop at popular grocery stores across the Inland Northwest. Credit card hackers targeted URM supplied stores such as Rosauers, Super One, Yokes and others.

Store leaders said customers still need to check their card statements and call their bank if they see any unusual charges. Rosauers and some Super One Foods locations hope to have their regular credit card system working in the next several days.

Stores like Rosauers started using a dial-up phone line to let customers make secure charges on a credit or debit card. Rosauers and Super One are offering 10% off percent purchases through Wednesday.

Some impacted stores may still not be a safe place to use a credit card.

WATCH: URM stores upgrading security following credit card fraud attack

We cannot guarantee that their credit cards used in our stores could not fraudulently be used in the future, said CEO of URM stores Ray Sprinkle.

Cases of fraud have been reported as recently late November. The companies involved do not know when the attack happened so they still can not say how far back customers need to check for fraud. The company said they are working hard to figure out what went wrong.

From a URM perspective, as we work with our member owners stores, that we are working very diligently around the clock to secure our system, said Sprinkle.

It is unclear when customers will know for sure they can use their credit or debit cards again at all stores. Various law enforcement agencies were working to try to figure out how this happened.

WATCH: Credit card fraud victimizes URM shoppers across E. Washington

The investigators are continuing to work as well as law enforcement, I don't know how long that investigation will continue, said Sprinkle.

Customers can use the dial up connection for a credit card and debit card. Staff said they can not say when the regular system will be back to normal.

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