BOISE -- The Boise Police bomb squad returned to a bench home Thursday afternoon to remove additional explosives that were discovered late Wednesday night.

Police say they've asked for neighbors in the area to voluntarily evacuate, because of the dangers in moving the explosive materials.

On Wednesday, police and bomb squad technicians converged on the home on West Dorian Street near Columbus Avenue. Police investigating a domestic dispute say they discovered more than 100 pounds of bomb-making materials in the crawl space of the home.

Police arrested 32-year-old Joshua J. Finch on suspicion of felony kidnapping. Prosecutors say he held his girlfriend's parents in his house and told them he had guns, body armor, and explosives.

According to prosecutors, Finch's girlfriend found out about the guns and body armor and got scared. She called her parents to went to the home. A fight ensued, leading to the accusation that Finch held two people against their will.

Proscutors also said Finch told the couple that he would kill any police officer if they were called.

He threatened that if anyone called police he would kill everyone, said Deputy Ada County Prosecutor Kari Higbee. He would take several officers with him. He made several comments about killing James, Deborah and Tabel, his live-in girlfriend.

The parents were eventually allowed to leave and told police what happened.

Neighbors tell KTVB the allegations of threats of violence are surprising.

After meeting him and him being very nice and his kids were very nice and it just, it was shocking. It was very shocking, said Mollie Taylor, who met Finch recently when he brought his kids over to offer to yard work . And it's sad, but you just literally never know who you're living next to.

Finch was arraigned on the kidnapping charges in an Ada County courtroom Thursday. He's being held on $1 million bond.

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