OTHELLO, Wash. -- A former teacher was sentenced to 51 months on Monday for molesting a young student at Scootney Springs Elementary School in Othello.

Davis will serve 12 months if she participates in a sex offender's treatment program.

On Monday, her lawyer stated that Davis had no reason why she molested the boy. Davis offered a tearful apology to the victim and his family during the sentencing hearing.

I want to apologize for any extensive pain I caused, said Davis.

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Neither the victim not his parents appeared in court to hear Davis apology. Court documents said the case has proved traumatic to the mother and father of the child.

I've spent my entire life trying to be kind and helpful to others and it's crushing feeling to know that I have failed and caused grief among my family and others in the community, said Davis.

Davis added she had especially caused grief to her husband.

I also would like to apologize to the other family in this situation. I take full responsibility for my actions, said Davis.

Her lawyer asked that Davis be admitted to a special treatment program for sex offenders and receive a reduced sentence as a result. Prosecutors requested that Davis serve 51 months, but the sentence could be reduced to 12 months if she completes sex offender treatment.

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Lisa Davis pleaded guilty to 1st Degree Child Molestation in September.

She pleaded not guilty during her first court appearance in July. She was put on administrative leave amid the allegations after school let out for summer and she later resigned from her position.

Officials with the Othello School District said the inappropriate conduct between the former fifth grade teacher and the ten-year-old student began around May 30. Police said the alleged victim was in Davis reading class. Davis also took the boy to a movie, according to investigators.

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Officers said that another teacher alerted school administrators Davis was acting inappropriately with her student.

Court documents said Davis confessed to her family she engaged in inappropriate touching with a 10-year-old boy away from school.

A doctor diagnosed Davis as having a low risk to reoffend. She must register as a sex offender for the rest of her life.

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