PULLMAN, Wash. -- A Pullman City Councilman is undergoing a mental evaluation after being taken into protective custody Wednesday according to Pullman leaders.

Authorities said officers made a welfare check at the home of Councilman Derrick Skaug on Wednesday. Police had received a noise complaint asking that Skaug turn down his music.

Officers arrived and said Skaug initially locked himself in his bathroom. The 23-year-old was taken to Pullman Regional Hospital because officers felt he was acting irrationally.

Video from Washington State University s Murrow News Service showed Skaug handcuffed, barefoot and wearing only boxers on Wednesday night.

Neighbors reported to police that Skaug threw furniture off his deck, put stickers on car windows and was acting strange.

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Police also said they received several calls Tuesday night about a man running around in his boxers and holding a knife near Skaug s home.

Pullman Mayor Glenn Johnson said Skaug did not attend the last city council meeting on Tuesday.

Mayor Johnson said he is waiting for more information on Skaug s medical evaluation before making a call on banning him from the council.

Skaug was appointed to the Pullman City Council to fill a vacant position in May of last year.

Skaug was arrested twice this year for DUI. Authorities said this latest case does not involve a criminal investigation.

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