SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. -- A Spokane Valley woman was reunited with her pet tortoise Monday after it walked out of her sight Sunday evening.

Marsha Brewer said her 10-year-old, 30 pound tortoise Deb got loose yesterday while her family was having a barbeque in her backyard.

Brewer said Deb made her way through the carport and went for a stroll down the street.

She is not slow and if you turn your back for just a minute she s gone, said Brewer.

Brewer said a neighbor told her he saw a red car pull up, pick up Deb and drive off.

The family went out searching the neighborhood. Brewer even placed an ad on Craigslist for a missing tortoise.

The person who picked up Deb said she saw her and didn t know what to do so she picked her up. The woman took care of Deb through the night.

I was afraid that somebody just saw a cool pet and took her home and didn t want to find their actual owner, so I m very grateful. It s a great birthday present, said Brewer.

On Monday morning, Deb was returned to Brewer.

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