PORTLAND -- A new website tracks not just the cost of the flights out of Portland International Airport, but which are the most comfortable. ranks flights based on happiness factors, like roomy seats, entertainment options and in-flight Wi-Fi.

Portlanders should book Virgin America and jetBlue if they want to find happiness, said Routehappy spokesman John Walton. But hometown hero Alaska Airlines has a lot of great flights too.

At the top of the domestic list were the Virgin America flights from PDX to San Francisco, followed by several jetBlue flight options to New York, Boston and Long Beach.

Alaska Airlines flight 764 to Washington, D.C. came in fifth place.

The happiest international flight was Delta 177 to Amsterdam.

Overall, Portland has significantly more happier flights than many other cities of a similar size, Walton said.

Click here to check the happiness scores of flights from PDX

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