SPOKANE, Wash. - For many animal organizations, July 5th is the busiest day of the year. Independence Day fireworks often cause pets to run away or hide.

All week, the Spokane area Craigslist has averaged about ten lost pets. That number surged to more than 32 after noon Thursday.

The owner of an Australian German Shepherd mix wrote, Assuming that the fireworks spooked her a bit and she found a way out of the fence.

Another read, My dog took off last night because of fireworks.

Dog owner Kipp McDonald of Spokane did not want to risk it. He took his dog on a walk long before Thursday s fireworks and kept his pet inside at night.

I think dogs are conditioned to expect certain things and when the 4th of July only runs around once a year - fireworks and stuff like that - that's just something they're not used to and they're going to react differently. If you're not at home with them, they would have a tendency to seek out some sort of shelter.

The Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service, SCRAPS, recommends using sites like Craigslist to report lost or found pets. Within an hour of a pet being impounded, SCRAPS will put a notification about the animal on its website.

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