BOISE-- Temperatures across southern Idaho are expected to break record highs Monday, leading to an extended heat advisory for much of the state through Wednesday morning.

KTVB Meteorologist LarryGebert says the high at the Boise Airport, where the official temperatures for Boise are recorded, will be 108 degrees. The record for July 1 is 104 degrees, last set in 1924.

Nearby Mountain Home, Idaho will likely hit 110 degrees or more.

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The heatwave should continue through Wednesday, with brutal temperatures of more than 100 degrees expected throughout the Treasure Valley, Magic Valley, and even into the lower mountain elevations.

However, what's expected to be a 6-day streak of 100-degree temperatures won't even touch the record for longest or hottest period of consecutive days in Boise.

Back on July 20, 1931 -- a 7-day streak of 100 plus degree temps hitIdaho's capital city, with the highest being 108 degrees. Another 7-day hot streak in July of 1960 saw a high of 111 on July 19th -- the all-time heat record for Boise.

Think that's hot? There's been two 9-day streaks of 100-plus degree temperatures in state history, too.

See the official NOAArecords here.

Those who work in the heat are advised to minimize strenuous labor, take frequent breaks, and drink more water than normally.

Children and pets should be monitored for signs of heat stress, excessive thirst, and changes in behavior.

For more information, check out these tips: CDC heat stress information.

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