It took Seattle passengers up to an hour to pass through Transportation Security Administration security at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport on Wednesday afternoon evening.

Alaska Airlines said it advised passengers on flights departing between 4 p.m. and 9 p.m. to allow at least one hour to get through security.

For Alaska Airlines alone, there were 69 flights scheduled during this time with 7,000 passengers expected to pass through Sea-Tac.

Among them were passengers Robert and Page Coleman, who just wrapped up a visit to Seattle and are trying to get back to Boston.

Well we came in abt an hour ago and saw the lines were even longer than they are now, so we went down and had some supper, said Robert. It's a lot of people. This is a busy airport.

While they chose to wait out the long lines, others told KING5 they can't breathe easy until they've made it through security and are waiting at their gate.

My flight's not til almost nine oclock tonight and I'm out here this early, said passenger Joan Lightfoot. It is super inconvenient.

Since Sunday, Alaska said it has rescheduled more than 150 passengers who missed their flights because of long TSA security lines at Sea-Tac Airport.

Sea-Tac staff say they're trying to help as best they can by directing passengers to other checkpoints when one line really starts to get long. Currently, the airport is seeing about 100,000 passengers pass through security every day. That's compared to the 80,000 passengers Sea-Tac sees on an average day.

A spokesperson for TSA said the delays are not due to sequester furloughs or budgets cuts. Instead they too say that the busy summer travel season is to blame.

The TSAasks passengers to be aware of the content of their carry-on items prior to coming to the security checkpoint. Anytime a prohibited items makes it to the checkpoiint, screening has to be halted to resolve that issue.


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