Every year nearly half a million babies in the U.S. are born too soon.
Premature babies can spend weeks in intensive care fighting for life and they often have lasting disabilities from being born before they're ready. The March of Dimes has done amazing work for decades, funding research to help babies thrive and providing support for families.

This year the group is celebrating its 75th anniversary and one of their local supporters, Julie Howard dropped by to share how the organization and being the mom of a preemie has changed her life. Her son Spencer was born 11 weeks premature weighing just over two pounds. The first three years of his young life have been wracked with challenges but also rewards, very sweet rewards, considering doctors did not expect him to walk or talk. In our studio he did both, extremely well, making the rounds and greeting people as he went. Spencer inspired his mom to write a blog And she developed a line of clever T-shirts and tiny onezies designed with preemies in mind.

This weekend, Julie will march through Seattle with thousands of others to raise money for the March of Dimes. She also donates $2 from the sale of her race day shirts to the organization that provided her with valuable information and support when she needed it most.

I'll be the emcee at the March of Dimes walk for the Greater Puget Sound. Here s a link if you d like to register to join us this Saturday May 4th at 8am at the Seattle Center Fisher Pavilion. Other walks are scheduled later this month throughout the Northwest. Here s a link to search for an event where you live.

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