Blue Angels shows scheduled in more than two dozen cities between April and September are expected to be canceled as part of the federal spending cuts set to take effect Friday, a team's spokesperson told Reuters.

A spokesperson for Seafair said Friday the cuts will affect the Blue Angels, but it's unknown if it will affect the Seafair event itself, scheduled for the first weekend of August.

Regarding how the $85 billion in automatic cuts will affect the military, the Defense Department said the cuts would slash ship and aircraft maintenance, curtain training and a result in 22 days of unpaid leave for most of the Pentagon's 800,000 civilian employees. Programs such as the Blue Angels would take a back seat making sure ships are seaworthy and planes are airworthy for the war fighters who are operating overseas, a spokesman for the Chief of Naval Air Training in Corpus Christi, Texas, told Reuters.

Some shows featuring the Blue Angels have already been canceled, including at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base in North Carolina and one in June in Indianapolis.

Due to the timing of the cuts, the Angels will still perform in March at the El Centro Air Show in southern California and the Southernmost Air Spectacular show in Key West, Florida.

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