A new study reveals the most common lies parents tell their kids in an effort to get them to change a behavior.

Researchers surveyed 200 families in the US and China. In both countries the most frequent fib had do to with what parents say to a child throwing a tantrum in public.

Stop now, or I ll walk away and leave you here, is the threat. I ve also used I m going to call the Police if you don t behave, admitted Vancouver area mom Jenny Wigglesworth.

The study, published in the International Journal of Psychology examined the use of instrumental lying. Another common fib had to do with leaving a store without buying a toy.

Parents often said, The store is closing or I don t have any money. We ll come back another time.

Lies seemed more acceptable if they encouraged a positive behavior like, Eat your broccoli. It will make you taller.

Portland Licensed Clinical Social Worker Nicole J. Carroll has a warning about the half truths.

Eventually, they figure it out and then might wonder what else you ve told them that isn t accurate and all of a sudden your credibility is flattened.

The study also showed moms and dads fib at about the same rate, but the incidence is higher in China than the US.

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