SPOKANE -- Spokane Police arrested a man accused of robbing and attacking a woman with an axe in E. Central Spokane.

31-year-old Greggory Pruett faces kidnapping and assault charges.

Officers responded to a robbery call in the area of 1st and Crestline on Dec. 30.

The victim, who asked to remain anonymous, shared her story with KREM 2 News. She said on Sunday morning, she was walking near an alley when a man approached her and asked if she wanted to get intimate with him.

The woman said when she refused him, the man picked her up and smacked her withthe blunt end of ahatchet. She said the man pulled her into an abandoned garage and told her he would kill if she screamed. The man hit her with the hatchet again.

The woman was able to get away, but not before the attacker broke her nose, knocked out several teeth and broke her shoulder.

She said the man also stole her purse before he ran off.

Bleeding, the woman knocked on the door of a nearby home for help.

A responding officer followed footprints in the snow to a home near 1800 E. 1st Ave. A person at the house told the officer Pruett had been there earlier and provided his address.

The officer found shoes outside the suspect s house that matched the footprints in the snow.

The victim s purse was also found inside the home, police said.

Pruett was booked into the Spokane County Hail for 1st Degree Robbery, 1st Degree Kidnapped and 1st Degree Assault.

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