The shooting at an Oregon mall brings back difficult memories for the victims of a shooting at the Tacoma mall several years ago. On November 20, 2005, Dominick Maldonado opened fire shooting six people.

Nobody was killed, but the incident scarred those impacted by it.

Dan McKown was shot multiple times with one bullet damaging his spine and leaving him paralyzed. McKown has done his best to move forward with his life but says days like today don t make it easy.

It s here we go again, McKown said. It s more annoyance, more anger more you know.

Seven years later, he struggles to make sense of what happened to him and what happened in Oregon. I m irritated, I m annoyed people are embracing evil and I ve never understood that, McKown said.

McKown says he feels for the victims of the tragedy in Oregon. They lost loved ones, I lost a leg, I lost the ability to walk and I have pain but I don t know what it s like to lose a mother or a father.

McKown hopes this incident is a reminder these things can happen. I think we need to be a little more prepared to step up when needed.

McKown received numerous awards for bravery for confronting the shooter at the Tacoma Mall. He s not advocating for people to take steps that extreme, but believes everyone can help prevent these incidents by being aware and speaking out if something doesn t look right.

If we all step up and take care of one another, it will be harder for people to hurt us McKown explained.

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