CANBY Two people were trapped in a car after a tree fell on it and flattened it like a pancake Sunday, firefighters said.

The tree was roughly 30 inches in diameter and fell around 2:45 p.m. near 950 NE 34th Place.

When they came out and drag them out, everybody was standing up and everybody looked good, said Bernie VanHouten, a parent of one of the victims.

The two people trapped in the car were taken to OHSU with minor injuries.

They must of have a bright light shining down on them because if you look at the passenger compartment, especially the driver s compartment, there s about a space of about two loaves of bread in there, said Chief Troy Buzalsky with the Canby Fire District.

Officials do not know if the tree fell because of weather related reasons. An arborist is inspecting the tree to determine why it fell.

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