SALEM -- A father and his daughter were both taken to jail in Salem Friday on DUII charges.

Stacy Weigart, 36, (pictured left) showed up to court for a prior DUII arrest Friday morning. Officials in court noticed that she was obviously intoxicated, so she was ordered to take a breath test and her release agreement was revoked, said Don Thomson with the Marion County Sheriff s Office.

As deputies were taking Weigart from the courtroom to the jail, she mentioned her father had driven her to court and had an outstanding warrant for his arrest, Thomson said.

The deputy looked into the parking lot and saw an older man watching them from a parked green Chevrolet.

Once Weigart was in the jail, deputies went outside and talked to the man. He turned out to be Stacy Weigart s father, 63-year-old Daniel Weigart (pictured right) of Salem, who had an outstanding warrant for a 2007 DUII arrest.

Daniel Weigart then admitted that he had been drinking that morning. Deputies, however, didn t think he was still drunk, and didn t file any new charges. He was booked into the Marion County Jail for his outstanding warrant, and his car was impounded.

Stacy Weigart blew a .43 percent after submitting to a breath test. She was due back in court Friday afternoon.

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