The brother of a woman who was seriously injured when she and her boyfriend were hit by a car on Thanksgiving says the accident should be a wake-up call.

Kristy Wilson and Marcus Rawley beamed as they snapped a photo on Thanksgiving evening. It was only hours later when they were hit by a car and seriously injured walking through the WalMart parking lot.

The couple suffered numerous injuries. Johnny Wilson has been at his sister's side ever since.

She looks like she's been in a washing machine there isn't a part of her body that isn't bruised, cut or bleeding scraped somehow not normal, he said.

Family members say it's amazing they survived

They were thankful that they were hit because he was going to hit somebody and if he didn't hit them it could have been a kid, said Wilson.

The driver was arrested and the Sheriff's Department says alcohol may have been a factor, but the family says there was another issue that night - the holiday shopping frenzy

The traffic was crazy, this guy was probably rushing because it was the time you've got to get in that store... now now now, said Wilson.

The family believes stores should re-think their policies and add more parking lot security.

The bottom line isn't the dollar, it can't be, said Wilson.

Family members say they're grateful to those who jumped into help.

You want to say thanks but there needs to be another word beyond thank you sometimes, said Wilson.

Kristy Wilson has been moved out of intensive care at Harborview Medical Center and she took her first steps since the accident.

Her family wants everyone to think twice about the holiday shopping frenzy.

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