SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. -- Trentwood residents are asked not to drink the water in that area because of a contaminated supply.

A well near Progress and Rich malfunctioned Monday night, causing dirty water to be pumped through the system.

The problem affects residentsfrom Plants Ferry Parkto just east of Sullivan Road, and between Bigelow Gulch to the river.

Water samples were brought to the lab to be tested. Tests should be finished later today.

East Valley High School

The water contamination prompted school closures, as well. Students at East Valley High School, East Valley Middle School and Trentwood Elementary are headed home because the schools do not have a viable water supply. Parents who are able are already picking up their students. Students using buses will start to head home by about 10 a.m. once the district can coordinate schedules and contact parents. School officials say they won't know about school Wednesday until later this afternoon.

KREM 2's Jordan Longacre says he talked to four students who told him they didn't feel well on Monday. A high school junior told him that when she turned the water on, a brownish sludge came out of the facuet.

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