PUYALLUP, Wash. -- Forty Boy Scouts were devastated Saturday when they learned the camping gear they spent months saving up money for was stolen.

Scoutmaster Doug Nagler said he discovered Troop 503's storage unit had been broken into on Friday night. They had their camping gear inside a section of a storage container behind Pilgrim Lutheran Church in the 10500 block of 136th Street East. Someone pried the locked door off, and stole 18 brand new camping tents along with new camp stoves and pop-up canopies worth $4,000, according to Nagler. He said the crime happened sometime between Monday and Friday night.

Troop 503 is made up of 40 Scouts in the Puyallup area.

Boy Scout Kyler King was upset about the loss because the troop has a camping trip in two weeks.

We would help anybody. Boy Scouts would dedicate their time. But thinking that someone would do this back to us, it's pretty shocking, said King.

Troop 503 spent six months selling candy bars in order to buy the gear.

I think it is horrible because we've worked hard to raise money to buy our new stuff, said Boy Scout Wyatt Gill. If they had asked for one thing, we could have given it to them. But instead they had to steal it.

Nagler said the boys will put on more fundraisers, and they will try to borrow gear in order to go on their upcoming camping trip.

Anyone with information about the stolen gear should call the Pierce County Sheriff's Department at (253) 798-4721.

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