SPOKANE COUNTY, Wash. -- Spokane County deputies arrested a man after he allegedly promised a juvenile girl a car for bringing him guns.

The investigation started last week after a burglary call in the 1100 block of North Wilcox. The homeowner told police someone stole more than 20 firearms from the house.

On Wednesday, detectives received an anonymous tip saying a juvenile girl was trying to sell guns to kids in Medical Lake.

The sheriff s office s Investigative Task Force and Investigative Support Unit began to look into the claim. After some investigation, they learned the homeowner s underage daughter and 20-year-old Cody Wolfley took the guns.

Detectives say the girl was promised a new car if she gave the firearms to Bradley Kelly, 21. Police found Kelly driving and pulled over the suspect. He was taken into custody for multiple counts of possession of stolen property. The truck was seized pending a search warrant.

Police searched the truck Thursday. They reportedly found a loaded AK-47 underneath the truck s frame and a firearm in a toolbox, both of which belonged to the original homeowner.

Court papers say Kelly asked several other men if they could help him sell the firearms. Kelly s family tells KREM2 he has a drug addiction that has spiraled out of control since his father died last year.

Detectives expect more arrests to be made. Authorities say Wolfley and the teen in the home burglary face charges.

The girl s father says he doesn t care to have his guns back. He just wants them off the street.

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