Year of the Mom

It's the Year of the Woman! Where have you heard that before?

As we count down to Election Day, issues affecting women and families are taking center stage.

But Parents Magazineis calling it the Year of the Mom. They've launched a three part series outlining the top priorities of moms from all different backgrounds. In fact, they've come up with the Parents Platform, five issues that a diverse group of 21 moms want the candidates to address.

Their platform includes a fix of the educational system, a plan to protect families from environmental hazards, to help families improve their finances, and make government more efficient. The moms also say they want a president who will minimize the role of government in their personal and financial life. CNN's Soledad Obrien hosted the roundtable for Parents. Click hereto watch what some of the moms had to say about education.

Military Families & Money

Certain money matters can be more complicated for military families than average households. For instance, when a service member deploys, certain incentive pays kick in. When they come home, those incentive pays go away, decreasing their spending power. Now, there's a new app to keep military families on budget and planning for the future.

The free Military and Money app for the iphone was recently released by the Better Business Bureau and McGraw Hill. It features budgeting, debt reduction and saving tools and military-specific tips on deployments, home buying and selling, and credit cards.

Right now the free app is available for the iPhone and iPad.An Android version is in the works.

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