A dog-walker on Queen Anne Hill was embarrassed. So was an office worker in South Lake Union and a football fan at Westlake Park and a lot of other people too. Embarrassed about that win Monday night - that last-gasp, eyes-of-the-sports-world-on Seattle, Hail Mary, Monday Night Football stunner - the game, the touchdown, the referees call, the review and the decision that made the NBC nightly news Tuesday night.

Seahawks 14, Packers 12. That s according to the officiating crew who couldn t seem to get out of their own way for much of the game and especially in the frantic last seconds when a questionable touchdown was ruled an actual and the Seattle Seahawks ended up winners.

On the streets of the city Tuesday, I conducted my own simple poll with no claims at all for scientific reliability. It was just me and a photographer talking with lots of folks and asking one simple question: Should Seahawks fans be embarrassed about that win? The answer options: Yes, No and Hell No.

We didn t deserve that win, but as a Seahawks fan, well, we ll take it! said a woman taking pictures of at Kerry Park, overlooking the city.

A sports-minded tourist visiting from Brisbane, Australia shrugged off the controversy/. They should enjoy the win, take it and keep moving, he said.

But at The Hot Dog King push cart in South Lake Union?

A win s a win in the NFL, right? said the man behind the cart. Another curt response (curt with a nice big grin, I might add)

No. HELL NO! said another fan.

By the numbers it came out this way: Yes 16%, No 65%, Hell No 19%.

What was most interesting were the trends that emerged as I asked and got answers. Most people chose the polite and non-confrontational answer, the simple No and passed up the in-your-face response that was teed up for everybody, Hell No.

Many people also said it s not the fans who should be embarrassed, but the referees themselves and especially the National Football League, which has locked out the normal refs and is using replacement officials from the college ranks.

Even a father-son pair of Packer supporters shook their heads and said this was more an issue for Roger Goodell , the NFL commissioner, than it was for Seattle fans.

One Chicago Bears fan in downtown Seattle said most of the rest of the country thinks we re a bunch of whiners - diaper-wetters anyway - after the years of complaints about the officiating in the Seahawks-Steelers Superbowl, and he would like to see a little consistency in our approach to this possibly blown call.

But person after person couldn t resist referring to Super Bowl IV six years ago, and fans in Seattle clearly feel they re owed something by fate and the NFL.

They ll take last night s gift as payback, thank you very much.

Meanwhile, Green Bay Packers fans are upset to say the least. Steve Chamraz with WTMJ-TV in Milwaukee shares the mood in Wisconsin.

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