Bellevue Police plan to get to the bottom of an altercation that took place last week between three off-duty officers and a Seattle Police officer.

I was made aware of an incident involving three of our officers at the Seahawk[s] game last Sunday, saidBellevue Police Chief Linda Pillo.

The incident began after the game when one of the three off-duty Bellevue officers littered outside CenturyLink Field, according to the Seattle Times, citing SPD Assistant Chief Jim Pugel.

The SPDofficer asked the group to pick the item up and throw it in the trash, to which they began berating her, surrounding her and calling her names, reported the Times.

Back-up officers were also tauted and sworn at, according to the Times.

I personally called the Seattle officer involved to offer my sincere apology on behalf of the department, and made it clear that if there was any unacceptable behavior by our officers in NO WAY does this reflect who we are as an organization, said Pillo.

The Bellevue Police Department's investigation will be conducted by the Office of Professional Standards.

If after the investigation there is any discipline, it will be firm and fair, said Pillo.

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