Back to School Flu Shots
It's that time of year, time to start thinking about sending the kids back to school. Over the next few weeks Northwest Families will help you get your children ready to go. And for many kids that means a trip to the doctor and shots! The Centers for Disease Control wants you to start thinking about flu shots too. They're expecting a different strain of the virus this year. Vaccines should be available in your doctor's office in a few weeks. Vaccinations are highly encouraged for kids over 6-months old, the elderly and pregnant women.

10% of Elementary School Kids get Sexual Solicitations Online
We ve all heard the warnings about keeping our kids safe online. But have you heard this? One out of every ten elementary school kids has received some kind of sexual solicitation on the internet, according to the Department of Justice. And the threat continues all the way through high school.

This year the U.S. Attorney for Western Washington is asking schools to include safety tip sheets in the packets they send home with kids on the first day of school.

Here s a look at some of the most important safety tips for kids:
*Do not send inappropriate photos by email or text.
*Do not try to meet up with someone you met online.
*Do remember that people lie online.
*Do share passwords with your parents.

Also, you may want to consider turning off the location service on your child s smart phone unless it s critical. You don t want strangers to be able to target your child s location.

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