TV Linked to Sleep Problems in Kids

If your little one is having trouble sleeping you may want to take a closer look at the television shows they're watching. A new study by Seattle Children's Research Institute found young kids who stuck to educational, non-violent cartoons got a better night's sleep than those who watch shows designed for older kids.

Researchers followed more than 500 Seattle area families with kids between 3 and 5 years old for 18 months. The preschoolers who watched shows like Curious George and Sesame Street were able to get to sleep faster and had fewer nightmares and woke up less often. Researchers found switching to educational games and apps had similar effects on children's sleep.

Get Your Daily D-Dose

We certainly have enjoyed lots of sunshine lately. But here in the Northwest we know our days of basking in the sun are limited. That's why many of us are low on vitamin D. Our main source of it comes from the sun's rays. Vitamin D builds strong bones; helps keep the heart healthy, and fights infection by boosting the immune system.

Researchers at Boston Children's Hospital tested the vitamin D levels in more than 500 children. 40% of those kids had a vitamin D deficiency. Researchers found those youngsters became more severely ill compared to children who had enough vitamin D.

Study authors recommend that severely ill kids admitted to the hospital be screened for risk factors caused by vitamin D deficiency.

Olympic Sized Lessons

If you've been glued to the Olympics like I have, you've seen some amazing stories of courage, determination, and good sportsmanship.

Take for instance the persistence embodied in South African Oscar Pistorius. Born without the main bones in his lower legs---his parents encouraged him to always do his best.
He came in 7th in his heat in the 400 in London, and did not qualify for the finals. Still, he made history and said he'll cherish the memories all his life.

Then there s the resilience of Michael Phelps, carrying a heavy mantel, trying to win more medals than any other Olympian and staying strong even in defeat.

Sports bring so many great lessons to our lives about winning and losing and dealing with pressure. And the Olympics create the perfect storyline for parents to share these lessons with their children. It's the sort of thing we should all remember about games and life.

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