A seventh grade student at a school in central Washington says his principal sat on him for breaking school rules.

The alleged incident happened at Washtucna School District in Adams County. The Adams County Sheriff's Office and school district officials are looking into the accusation.

14-year-old Austin Lonas admits he broke a Washtucna School District rule. Two weeks ago the teen says he lay on his stomach on a bench in the junior high hall.

Lonas says his principal, Glenn Martin, apparently saw him walked up and sat down in middle of his back. He said I told you not to lay on the benches and I said I was going to sit on you if you laid on it again, but I figured he was joking when he said that.

Lonas says he told the principal to get off him. It got really heavy and I couldn't breath.

Then he says Martin rested his entire weight on his back. He was sitting on me then after 15 seconds he raised his legs up. Lonas says the principal sat like that for 20 more seconds before he stood back up.

It was very embarrassing because a bunch of kids were sitting around in the hallway too, and they all saw it happen.

The Adams county sheriff's office says it's talking to witnesses. Lonas says school security cameras were rolling.

Cathy Blankenship works as an assistant cook for school. She says three of her kids have had Martin as a principal and they liked him. Blankenship also says Martin has a strong opinion. He stands by what he believes. He believes in certain things, he believes that kids should listen to an adult. I expect a kid to listen to me also.

The school district superintendant says he can not comment right now on the case but assures us he will.

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