Germs on Play Areas

My kids love fast food playgrounds not so much for the food as for the play. I love them because they re indoors, a major perk here in rainy Seattle. But when I read about some of the things an Arizona mom found in her local play space, it made me want to toss my cookies if you know what I mean.
Dr. Erin Carr-Jordan is a mother on a mission. When she saw the layers of grime, old food, and graffiti at her local McDonald s play area she tried to get the owner to clean it up. When that didn t work she set off on a mission, armed with cotton swabs and a lab kit, to see what was lurking in those plastic tubes and nearly 50 others in 11 different states. She posted her findings on YouTube. Lab results turned up bacteria from human waste, and other harmful contaminants, in all but one restaurant play place. And to think, your kids play there, come back to the table with grime covered hands to eat a few bites, and go back to play some more. Lost your appetite yet?
Dr. Carr-Jordan is urging local health departments to enforce better cleaning policies. And she s launched a campaign to draw attention to the issue. Kids Play Safe is pushing for legislation mandating stricter standards for play areas.

Halloween Costume Swap

Halloween will be here before you know it! If you're looking for the perfect costume but don t want to break the bank check out National Costume Swap Day on October 8th. The concept comes from our friends Lynn and Corey Collwell of Celebrate Green. Trade costumes your kids have outgrown or no longer want with other families who are in the same boat. There are more than a dozen organized swaps planned here in the Northwest. Check the website for a location in your area.

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