Getting Dropouts Back On Track
Tens of thousands of high school drop outs around the country and here in the Northwest are turning their lives around thanks to the National Guard Youth Challenge Program. At first glance, it looks like these teens are in the military, marching in step and taking orders. Actually, they are high school dropouts who ve decided to give their education one last chance. For five and a half months cadets live on site, separated by gender, and scheduled down to the minute. The program claims a high success rate. 91 percent return to high school or earn their diploma. After graduation cadets are matched with a mentor who counsels them for a year. The National Guard Youth Challenge Program is available in 27 states including Washington and Oregon.

Moms: Careful How You Lift the Little Ones
Lower back pain is a common complaint among moms. But doctors say they're seeing an increase of a lesser known ache in moms with young children. It's called De Quervain Syndrome, or Mommy Thumb. It's inflammation of the tendons from the thumb to the wrist, caused by repetitive movement. And it can make it difficult to lift up their little ones. Experts blame heavier babies and cribs lower to the ground, which puts extra stress on tendons.

A recent study showed mothers over 40 years old have triple the incidence of Mommy Thumb. Smart phones, which require a lot of extra thumb action, can make matters worse. In most cases, Mommy Thumb isn't serious. But in extreme cases patients might need steroid injections or even surgery.

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