Sharing Medical Costs

With the economy still struggling and so many people out of work, lots of families are having a tough time paying their medical bills. We found out about a program that's offering people around the country a way to meet their medical expenses, stay healthy and save money at the same time.

Medi-Share is an alternative to traditional health insurance. Members share the cost of their care, contributing between $100 and $600 a month depending on the size of their household. That money goes into a pool to pay for medical care when members need it. Medi-Share does not cover annual physicals or long term prescriptions but it does cover major illnesses and injuries.

Here s the catch, you have to be a Christian to join. The idea is that if you subscribe to healthy living, no drugs, and no extra-marital sex, you re contributing to a healthy lifestyle and as a result lower health care costs. Christian values are factored into decisions about what treatments qualify for payment. For example, members will not cover medical fees for an out of wedlock pregnancy but would help a married couple with adoption fees. Medi-Share serves more than 12,000 households around the country.

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