SPOKANE, Wash. Large potholes took aim on car tires, popping more than three dozen Thursdayin one spot in Spokane.

Hub caps were strewn about the area as a warning to drivers to stay away. Many drivers found themselves fixing flat tires or buying new ones.

The trouble spot at Nevada and Central shredded over 30 tires in North Spokane. Across town, two potholes on Thor popped about a dozen tires.

Police eventually has to block off the lanes to prevent any other cars from being damaged.

I mean something like that could end up costing somebody you know a thousand dollars just they got to get a whole new set of tires, they get their front ends replaced on their cars I mean this is getting both front and back, said Cpl. Michael Carr of the Spokane Police Department.

Street crews managed to fill the potholes late Thursday fixing the traffic hazard.

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