PORTLAND -- Parents neglecting child support payments were targeted Wednesday by Portland police, U.S. Marshals and the Oregon Attorney General.

The task force set out to arrest 15 deadbeat parents throughout Multnomah County.

In Jacob Aalberg's case, he said he owes child support to his own parents who now have custody of his daughter. Aalberg, 34, was escorted out of his Northeast Portland home.

It's not a big deal, Aalberg told KGW, I've been to jail before. I haven't paid. I haven't worked for a while.

He also has a son he actually care for. It's a different mother, he said. It's complicated.

Ken Rueben of the AGs office said Aalberg represents the problem well.

This is why it's a serious issue. We are getting court orders for people who really really need it, he said.

The task force sweep was not just about deadbeat dads . Authorities were also looking for an Oregon woman who hasn't paid child support but did not find her.

The Wednesday sting netted four deadbeat parents who all face a potential six months in jail.

In addition to Aalberg, who owed $16,656 in child support, police arrested Jacob S. Parker, who owes $17,346; Christopher T. Elliot, who owes $30,856, Tammie J. Anderson, who owes $12,983 and Arne H. Karlson, who owes $7,288.

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