MOLALLA -- A posting from the Animal Liberation Front claims responsibility for a raid on a Molalla deer farm.

Owner Richard Bentley said he has roughly 80 European Fallow deer that he raises for meat.

He said said not a single animal left the property. There were no deer on the land where the fence was cut, despite ALFclaims.

A website posting attributed to the group stated, a large section of fencing was stripped away allowing the captive deer herd a chance to escape into the surrounding forest.

Photos:Molalla deer farm

Bentley thinks its ironic that if the deer had been freed, they would have likely wandered into nearby woods during deer hunting season.

It's hunting season over there. It's not huntinG season here, Bentley said.

He feels uneasy after the night time attack last weekend.

I live here. I dont know why somebody's going to come in, and what they're gonna do and why they would want to cause these problems. It can only hurt the deer ... they're all tame, said Bentley.

A spokeswoman with the Portland office of the FBI said the agency was aware of the situation and looking into it.

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