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This week I am reviewing Disney Sing It: Family Hits. Are you ready for some of your Disney movie favorites? Can I make it through the scat section of I Wan'na Be Like You from the Jungle Book? Warm up your vocal cords and let's start singing.


This is a karaoke game, as such there is no story and the game is fine without one.


Not much needed here either. Using the controller to navigate the menus worked fine. You will need at least one USB microphone (I recommend two) for singing. If you have a microphone from Guitar Hero or Rock Band these will work just fine. The game comes in two versions, one has the game alone, and one comes with a USB microphone packed in with it. The version with the microphone is only $10.00 so it's worth it if you need one.


If you've ever sang karaoke or played any music game that has you to singing, then you already know what you are doing. Sing along with the song and try to stay in the same pitch of the singer. It has three difficulties, Easy, Medium, and Hard, in the regular singing mode. The closer you stay in pitch the more points you score.

Party Play mode has 5 separate different games, Duet, Competition, Performance, Team Play and Family. Duet has two people singing different parts of the song. Competition has players singing the same songs to see who can score the most points. Performance has you sing the songs with no onscreen help at all. Team Play has teams taking turns singing, the team with the highest score at the end wins. And lastly Family has players passing the mic until the end when everybody sings.

Graphics and Sound

Graphics are good. While the songs are playing scenes from the corresponding movie play in the background, usually the scene the song was featured in. The PlayStation 3 version's graphics are all in HD,while the NintendoWii is in standard.

The audio is very good too, which it should be since it is a music game.


Disney Sing It: Family Hits is a perfect party game for family and friends. The songs in it most everybody knows and love. The game is really fun for anyone of any age. Little kids who only know the chorus can have loads of fun, there is no failing out on easy, so they won't get discouraged. You mayend up dragging the game away fromthem. Some of the more fun elements are the party games. I do highly recommend getting a second microphone for playing though. Switching between players happens quickly and swapping a single microphone is a bit slow and can trip you up.

The Vocal Coach mode has Anika Noni Rose, the voice of Princess Tiana from Disney's The Princess and the Frog, taking you through some simple vocal exercises and games. Nothing too deep here, mostly there to be a tutorial.

There is only one thing I really can complain about the game, the small amount of songs. There are only 30 songs total and 17 of those are from their newer movies. I can think of a lot of other classics that should have been included, Ev'rybody Wants To Be A Cat from The Aristocats, When I See an Elephant Fly from Dumbo or When You Wish Upon A Star from Pinocchio come to mind. Also the game is kind of geared towards girls. While you can unlock icons and themes by completing high scores on other songs, the default is Princess Tiana. That said, as a guy it was still fun to sing along with those songs from my childhood, and no I did not make it though the scat section on I Wan'na Be Like You. I ended up just making noises close to the right pitch.

Still overall the game was embarrassingly fun, just like regular karaoke. This game does take it one step further though. After the song is done you can play it back with your vocals playing. If you don't like the sound of your voice or just want to have fun with it they have three settings that let you manipulate it. Mouse will make your voice sound high and squeaky, Lion makes it low and deep, and Robot makes it wavey and mechanical.

If this had more songs it would have gotten a perfect score, instead it gets a 4.5.

Disney Sing It: Family Hits is rated E for Everyone for Comic Mischief, Mild Lyrics. It is available now for the Nintendo Wii and the Sony PlayStation 3. You can see the trailer for the game here.

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