GOVERNMENT CAMP, Ore. -- Rescuers saved an injured 6-year-old Doberman hurt on a Mount Hood trail Saturday.

Oregon Humane Society Animal Technical Rescue Team members said the dog namedBo was accompanying his owner Derek and a friend on a four-day trek along the Timberline Trail when they reached a washed-out area of tough terrain.

The group was about 33 miles into the 40-mile hike when the 116-pound dog was hurt and they had to stop. Bo's owner was able to meet the animal rescue team at a trail intersection.

Veterinarians said Derek carried Bo down the trail on his shoulders and across a creek, since the dog was too injured to stand.

Vets said Bo's left hock was swollen and his paws were injured, they were able to bandage him and give him some water before getting him down the mountain in a wheeled cart.

Bo was taken to the vet for treatment.

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