PORTLAND -- Citizens who call themselves the Guardian Angels are on patrol in Northeast Portland to try and do their part to control gang problems in the area.

They are responding to 10 recent gang-related shootings in the city.

The Guardian Angels are known for their distinctive red berets and community involvement in gang-infested areas. They believe the only way to stop gang violence is to get the community involved.

Chapter leader Paul Grudzinski was trying to urge people with information about the shootings to come forward. So far, few people have cooperated with police, including the surviving victims.

It seems like they want to do something about the violence, but they don't want to step up and do the action, Grudzinski said. The only way these gangs can survive is if we don't do anything, that's the only way.

Portland police said the city has already reached the yearly average for gang shootings and that s with four months remaining.

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