NEAR SPOKANE, Wash.-- Sheriff's deputies are on the hunt for two men suspected of being involved in a shooting. They say the shooting happened just before 6:00 p.m. where Thierman Road turns into Weile Avenue near Bigelow Gulch.

Initially authorities said two cars were involved. Now they say two men were walking along the road and fired at a passing car. The bullet hit one man, sitting in the front passenger seat, in the back of the head. Two other people were also in the car. The driver made her way to the nearest fire station at Bigelow Gulch and Jensen to get help. Medics at Fire District 9 helped the victim. They say he will survive. The driver and the other passenger were also taken to a hospital.

Deputieshave stoppedlooking for the suspects. Authorities say both men are in their 20's. One is white and the other has darker skin. Both were wearing blue shorts but only one doesn't have a shirt on. Authorities say one of the suspects has a handgun.

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