SPOKANE-- Photographs and evidence from a grisly Spokane murder scene were presented in court Tuesday.

Justin Crenshaw faces two first-degree murder charges, accused of stabbing Tanner Pehl, 20, and Sarah Clark, 18, to death in 2008, and then setting the scene on fire.

Tuesday, the jury saw the swords and knives allegedly used to kill Pehl and Clark, as well as photographs of the crime scene too graphic to show.

One sword was found sticking out of Pehl, who was found in the hallway of the North Spokane house, and the other sword was found next to Clark's body in the bedroom. Some of the murder weapons still had blood on them.

Many friends and family of the victims wept in court as the images were shown. But the suspect, Crenshaw, showed little emotion, except when he entered the room -- sharing several smiles and laughs with his attorney, Chris Bugbee.

Bugbee told the jury this case centers on Crenshaw's mental state, and the contention that he suffers from Alcohol Idiosyncratic Intoxication, a condition he says led to Crenshaw's violent behavior. Crenshaw says he can't remember the brutal stabbing of Pehl and Clark.

The trial is expected to last three weeks. Testimony continues this week.

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