PORTLAND -- The lead officer in the investigation intoKyron Horman s disappearance vowed to stay on the case until it s solved.

This process is not over... we as a team are resolute in bringing Kyron home. This will not become a cold case for us, MultnomahCounty Sheriff'sCapt. Jason Gates promised duringa Monday morning press conference.

Just the day before, authorities had announced that the search and rescue operation had officially transformed into a criminal case after 10 days of searching with no sign of the Portland second grader. But Gates was quick to assure that the transformation did not mean they were giving up.

We are still moving forward, he said.

Captain Monte Reiser on Sunday began the process of sending all the search and rescue crews from outside the area home.

The crews have done an exceptional job searching difficult terrain over the past 10 days, said Reiser. We are confident the areas that needed to be searched have been and now most crews will be going home. Some local search and rescue crews will continue looking for Kyron in a much smaller operation.

Sheriff offers $25,000 reward

An emotional Sheriff Dan State announced a $25,000 reward for any information that leads to the location of Kyron.

The investigation is going in many directions and the criminal investigation is a natural progression, said Staton.

Photos, video sought

On Saturday, investigators looking into the disappearance June 4 of Kyron Horman asked anyone with photos or videos created that day or on June 3 of roads around Skyline school to provide to contact police.

Video of these specific locations was being sought:NW Cornelius Pass, Germantown, Logie Trail, Rocky Point, Skyline, West Union, Springville, Newberry, McNamee, Kaiser Thompson and Laidlaw roads and Bethany Boulevard.

The request includes a stretch of Oregon 30 from NW Rocky Point Road to Germantown Road which does not pass by the school at all. It does however, parallel Sauvie Island, where searchers have spent the last several days. Anyone with video of these locations is asked to contact the tip line at (503) 261-2847 and leave your name, contact information and the location of the footage. Please preserve the recording.

Family talks about Kyron

The family of Kyron Horman answered personal questions about the 7-year-old via Multnomah County Sheriff's Capt. Mike Shults during a Saturday media briefing and also explained some of their outings in the last week - to stores and a health club.

Shults said that the family was extremely stressed by their Friday appearance, but understood that the public might have wanted to learn more about Kyron. To that end, they answered a set of prepared questions.

Kyron's favorite color is red, they said. Kyron is a quiet and loving child who likes fishing, art, flying in airplanes. Bootsy his cat would follow him to the school bus stop every day. He loves his dog Ernie in Medford. Kyron has a belly laugh that endears him to friends.

When he grows up, Kyron wants to be a police investigator. This summer, he planned on going on a jet boat trip in July, to Lake Shasta in August and Seaside for his birthday.

Capt. Shults also said two companies volunteered to help them print the t-shirts they wore that reproduced the missing flier. Several of the T-shirts were provided to the media. He offered no other details on the shirts.

The morning he disappeared, Kyron was in good spirits, excited about the tree frog diorama he had created for the science fair, Shults said.

The captain said he had two questions of his own that he knew the media wanted answered. On the night he disappeared, the family looked in earnest for Kyron. When police arrived, the searchers needed the parents to stay put and provide information. From a tactical standpoint, the parents had already exhausted what they could do personally by moving around and searching, he said.

Why did family continue to use their social network connections, go out to the store and to a health club the past few days?

Shults said they were asked to by police experts, who wanted them to continue their normal routine to the degree possible. The parents told police their normal routine was to have Kryon join them and it was painful and awkward to try and continue normal routines, which have been very abnormal for them in the last week.

The parents have started a rotation of friends come visit them and provide supports, Shults said.

On the search end, efforts continue to find Kyron alive, said Sgt. Diana Olsen of the sheriff's office.

We know where he's not, so we feel we're getting closer to where he is, she said. She declined to say why searchers were on Sauvie Island, a considerable distance from Skyline School.

Cash donations to defray search expenses can still be made at any Bank of America Branch under the Kyron Horman Fund. Searchers no longer need food donations and the sheriff's office asked people to stop giving for now.

On Friday, the family appeared for the first since since Kyron disappeared June 4 made an emotional plea for help for the 7-year-old.

Please help us bring Kyron home, Kaine Horman, the boy's father said.

The community as a whole have shown how much impact one little boy s smile can have on a community, said Kyron s step-father, Tony Young. Then, he spoke directly to Kyron: You mean everything to us and until you come home, this family is not complete. We believe in you and know you will be back with us soon.

After Young spoke, the two men embraced while their wives comforted each other in the background.

Horman's outfit revealed

Just one hour earlier, police revealed a replica of the clothing Kyron Horman was wearing when he disappeared. Police hoped that this new information would help create more leads to assist them in their effort to locate the missing boy.

Police said Horman was wearing a black CSI T-shirt, dark cargo-style pants, Hanes athletic socks and well-worn Skechers sneakers.

Late Friday morning, family members were seen wearing white T-shirts with the missing persons poster of Kyron on them.

A family member gave one of the T-shirts to KGW Reporter Erica Heartquist. KGW learned the family had the T-shirts individually made. There was no word whether the shirts would be available to the public.

Search intensifies from air, ground

Meanwhile, investigators Friday urged people to carry Kyron Horman s missing poster with them always, memorize his face, and look for him everywhere they go, as the search for the missing seven-year-old stretched into its eighth day.

As the search grows longer, our resolve grows stronger to bring Kyron home, said Capt. Monte Reiser with the Multnomah County Sheriff s Office.

Reiser added that the search area was expanding but he wouldn t say exactly where crews were looking. KGW was able to confirm that the search included areas around Kyron s home, Skyline Elementary School, Sauvie Island, and even as far away as Yreka, Calif. where someone reported seeing a boy who looked like Kyron in Wal-Mart.

At the same time, volunteers continued to drop off food and snacks for search crews at several locations.

We are incredibly humbled and appreciative of the tremendous resources, lead investigator Capt. Jason Gates said during a Thursday noon press conference. This is all part of our original mission to find Kyron and bring him home. Gates was referring to the hundreds of additional officers from Oregon and neighboring states who joined the search Friday morning, after he put out a call for help just the day before.

Sgt. Diana Olsen, the search and rescue coordinator for the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office, admitted that volunteers were growing weary before the reinforcements arrived, but now there are fresh ground-pounders out there, looking for Kyron with the help of dogs and even horses.

It s an honor for us to be here to back them up. We have new boots to put on the ground and hopefully we ll bring him home, said deputy Shawn Richard, who traveled all the way from Klamath County to help.

Written statement from family

During a noon Wednesday press conference, Lt. Mike Shults, the Multnomah County Sheriff s Department liaison for the Horman family, read a statement on behalf of the family.

Kyron s family would like to thank everyone for their support and interest in finding their son. The outpouring of support and continued effort strengthens their hope, Shults said. There are a lot of resources out there to help. Please don t stop.

Shults added that the family has been in great pain since Kyron s disappearance and said the reason why they have not granted interviews is because they want all the attention focused on solely on Kyron.

Anyone who has seen Kyron or knows of his whereaboutsis asked to call 503-261-2847.

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