PORTLAND, Ore. -- A Portland Police officer was shot and a man killed in a confrontation in Northeast Portland Wednesday.

The confrontation that started as a traffic stop near NE 6th and Clackamas by Lloyd Center just after 6 p.m. Officer Christopher Burley was shot twice in the leg during the incident, and the man was shot and killed by police, newly installed Police Chief Mike Reese disclosed at a Thursday press conference.

According to Reese, officers tried to make a traffic stop Wednesday evening in an area of recent gang activity. The driver made several unsignaled turns, did not initially pull over, and then shouted profanities once stopped, refusing to comply with police orders, according to the chief. A struggle then ensued, police tased the subject twice, and the suspect fired on police, according to Reese. Officers returned fire and the suspect was shot and killed at the scene, Reese said.

Eyewitnesses describes shooting

Christina Lais, 27, was sitting on her porch in the neighborhood when the shooting happened. She ran inside for cover, but propped her phone against the window and filmed audio and video that captured the shooting.

Another witness who did not want to be identified told KGW he watched from his bedroom window as police pulled a man over for a traffic stop. The man did not comply with police orders to get out of his car, according to the witness, who said police eventually tased the man when he continued to refuse to get out.

At that point, the witness says he heard police say: He's reaching for something, he's reaching for something. The witness told KGW he saw the driver's window glass shatter from the inside as a shot was fired. Police then returned fire rapidly, according to the witness, who said he then ducked for cover himself.

KGW's Sky 8 helicopter captured what reporter Pat Dooris described as evidence of a very violent scene.

Mayor pledges transparency

Mayor Adams also spoke during an 11 a.m. press conference. The Mayor restated his commitment to make police investigations more transparent as part of the pledge made the day before. On Wednesday, Adams announced that Reese was replacing Rosie Sizer as chief, and that Adams was taking over management of the police bureau.

At Thursday's press conference, Chief Reese also announced that police grand jury proceedings would be made public as part of the commitment to a more open and public process. Reese also commended the officers involved for their response.

Officer recovering

Officer Burley was taken to Emanuel Legacy Hospital in North Portlandwhere heunderwent surgery for a groin injury and was recovering. His injury was non-life-threatening and he was in good condition Thursday.

Police were not releasing the name of the man killed until his family had been notified. An autopsy was scheduled for later Thursday.

The officer-involved shooting came on the same day that Mayor Adams replaced Rosie Sizer as Chief of Police. Newly named chief Mike Reese joined detectives at the scene late Wednesday.

KGWReporters PatDooris, Mike Benner and Katherine Cook contributed to this report.

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