PORTLAND -A tenant was believed to be responsible for destroying a home that he rented in SEPortland. The landlord thinksit isretaliationfor hertrying to evicthim for not paying rent.

Cindy Hiatt told NewsChannel 8 her tenant, William Olietti, wrecked every room ofher home onSERhone Street. I justwalked through the house and I was in shock, she said. Every step Itook I was in more shock.

The kitchen cupboards were taken down and burned. Trash was leftin the sink and the faucet was broken. It lookedlike Olietti took ajackhammer to thetile floor in the kitchen.

It's just like, you're numb and in shock, said Hiatt.

Oliettialso smashed windows, brokeholes in the wall, and trashed the backyard shed.

I can'tthink of anything horrible enough to happen to somebodywho could do that, said Hiatt.

An expert onlandlord-tenant rights said there were a few things a landlord could doto avoid similar situations.

The landlord can ask for references, can ask for a security deposit, can ask for a co-signer, saidclinical professor Mark Peterson.

Olietti was arrested and charged with criminalmischief. Hiatt does not think the house will be available to prospective renters for severalmonths.

I can't begin tothink how much it'll cost, said Hiatt. It's unbelievable.

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