BOISE -- From mom to cover girl, an Idaho Falls woman is one of the 12 Mormon moms to pose for a new calendar. In fact she's on the very front.

Tami Roberts is one of the Devout Dozen in the calendar titled Hot Mormon Muffins.

The Idaho Falls mother loves to spend time with her girls, help them with homework and knows her way around the kitchen.

But there's also another side to Tami Roberts -- the vintage pin-up girl.

There's so many people that find it, that are upset about it. I don't see what the big deal is, Tami Roberts said.

Some people in her conservative Mormon religion don't like the calendar. They feel the pictures are immodest.

What I thought when I saw the picture is she has large breasts and how she has a sleeveless outfit, Mormon Jennifer Gray said.

I think it would be wrong, Mormon Erica Anderson said. I'm disappointed in the way that she's acting and telling people that she's LDS but she's acting this way. I don't think it backs up the beliefs that we have.

We're not all in a stereotype, we're not all the same. And I'm not a stereotypical Mormon for sure, Roberts said.

Roberts says she was raised LDS and has brought her daughters up with its values too.

Posing for the calender is not in violation of her faith, she says.

It's about challenging the religion's common perceptions, with a sense of humor.

How does her husband feel about it? He's her biggest fan.

It's not one of those sleazy type things which I don't think I'd be all for that so I think it's pretty tasteful the way they did it, Christian Roberts said.

Tami knows other Mormons think she's not behaving as she should.

But she says by being Miss May, she's not turning her back on her church.

She's just expressing her individuality and asking for tolerance.

My friends and my family, and the people who are important in my life are fine. They're going to be fine with it, Roberts said.

The church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is not commenting about this calendar.

According to the calendar's website, proceeds from its sales will be donated to breast cancer research.

The calendar's creator came out with a controversial 2008 version called Men on a Mission. It featured partially-nude Mormon men.

The creator was stripped of his church membership.

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