SEATTLE The three-day ceasefire between Israel and Hamas has made it more likely that a group of medical professionals from Seattle will soon leave for the war-torn region.

Six or seven nurses and you have to work 24 hours, seven days a week, because the bombs don t stop dropping and the patients don t stop coming, Huster said.

The Gaza that Huster remembers from last year is hard to recognize today. A former Harborview Medical Center trauma nurse herself, Huster now plans to return to Gaza along with trauma surgeon Grant O Keefe.

Dealing with injuries and patients that have managed to survive for a few days or weeks and now it s time to reconstruct things, Dr. O Keefe said.

Some reports calculate around 9,000 injured in Gaza by the four-week long conflict between Israel and Hamas.

There is a ton of work to do, Huster said.

The group of doctors and nurses affiliated with the Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility is just waiting for Israel s approval to enter Gaza. They ll likely work at the Shifa hospital, which has already been bombed.

No wonder, then, that Huster s 19-year-old son, Louis, doesn t agree with her choice to go.

I m her child and I want her to be here not over there, Louis said. It s a risk.

Huster s decision to face the danger of Gaza is nothing new, but this time, hospitals and schools have been caught in the crossfire.

They re human beings, just as Grant and I are, Huster said.

It s the memory of those human beings struggling to survive that Huster can t quite shake, especially given the conditions of hospitals before the fighting began.

There was one of those big coffee makers, a big coffee pot filled with water, and that s what they were warming IV fluids in, Dr. O Keefe remembered.

But it s not pity that draws the two back to Gaza. It s actually the strength they remember - a strength that makes Huster s choice one that she can t help but choose.

We can all be better than this. We can be true human beings and care for each other, Huster said. I think the world would be a better place.

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