EDMONDS, Wash. -- The city of Edmonds is requesting $1 million from the state to study a new fix for long-standing traffic troubles at a popular intersection.

The crossroads of Main Street and Railroad Avenue along the waterfront experiences gridlock daily when an average of 40 trains pass through the city each day. It also blocks access to the ferry dock where 3.8 million passengers load every year.

Mayor Dave Earling says a number of options could be considered including a bridge or a trench for train traffic.

This is truly a crisis coming and we need to be proactive in solving it, he said. Earling points to a recent study that shows up to 100 trains per day will pass through Edmonds by the year 2030.

And when that happens it paralyzes our waterfront, Earling said. We can't wait until 2029 to raise money for the project.

Two community members are taking it upon themselves to find solutions. Charles and Katherine Gold have designed a trench to allow trains to pass under the roadway. They say the idea would remove the train crossing all together and limit train noise.

We have a perfect opportunity here, Charles said. They're going to be running more and more longer trains. The problem that we've limped along with for a long time will get much, much worse.

The Golds have created a website outlying their plan.

BNSF is not commenting on the plans until a formal proposal is presented.

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