Key Peninsula, Wash. -- A Key Peninsula man accused of murdering his girlfriend after reporting her missing remains in jail after a judge increased William Grisso's bail to $3 million.

For the first time, Grisso's 19-year-old son Timothy is speaking publicly about his father and the accusations against him.

As he looks through his old, tattered photo album, Timothy Grisso shares fond memories of his family. It's a family he'll tell you didn't stay happy for long once he lost his mother Heidi to suicide, prompting him to move out of his childhood home away from his dad.

Right after my mom passed, he had multiple different girlfriends, Timothy said of his father.

Not only did his dad have different girlfriends, Timothy claims his father experienced violent mood swings.

You can be sitting there doing one thing and then he s getting pissed for something or another, said Timothy Grisso. Then there s the days he s like leave me alone and then there s a day he wants to be with everybody.

Timothy paints a picture of his Dad's life going in different directions. Timothy admits he couldn't stand many of his dad's girlfriends - until Nancy Gardner came along last year.

He finally found Nancy; I swear she had a light that could be seen for miles, said Timothy. He was engaged to her and he showed me the ring before even went down there.

It was a relationship that came to a violent end. Nancy Gardner was found dead in the woods in early July. William Grisso now sits in jail, accused of her murder.

I get constant messages from people asking did your dad really do this and really do that, said Timothy.

Timothy said his father has even been violent in the past, but despite their tumultous relationship, the thought of murder is still hard for him to process.

I m trying to grasp it and trying to make sense of it, he said. The evidence is pretty much screaming that he did do it. It s hard to believe that he did do it.

He said the idea is even made harder because he already lost his mother, and at age 19 he doesn't want to lose his father too.

You can walk away from everybody, but my family is family, said Timothy Grisso. It s hard. I don t know how many times I look at pictures and whatnot and just broke down crying.

William Grisso's trial is scheduled for September. Nancy Gardner's family, who live in Texas and Pennsylvania, said they plan to be in Washington to face the accused killer.

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