Only Marshawn Lynch knows how long he will holdout from Seattle Seahawks training camp in hopes of a revised contact.

But thanks to ESPN NFL insider John Clayton, we know that things could get really expensive for Beastmode (whose Twitter handle is @MoneyLynch) starting Tuesday.

Lynch faces fines of $30,000 for each day he misses. Assuming he skips out Monday and Tuesday, that fine would be up to $180,000.

And if he s not back in camp Tuesday, the Seahawks could go after 15 percent ($900,000) of his total signing bonus and another 1 percent ($60,000) each day after that, according to Clayton. The cap on what the Seahawks can claim from Lynch's signing bonus for the entire length of his contract is 25 percent.

If Lynch is still holding out during the preseason, he would lose $312,500 for each game missed. His total for missing all four: $1.25 million.

So, here's a rough idea of how much Lynch stands to lose, depending on how long he continues to hold out. Keep in mind that he s due to earn $7 million this year in base salary and bonuses, according to Sportrac:

  • Tuesday: $1,080,000 (fines and signing bonus)
  • Aug. 8: $2,292,500 (fines, signing bonus and 1 preseason game check)
  • Aug. 15: $2,815,000 (Through 2 preseason games)
  • Aug. 22: $3,337,500 (Through 3 preseason games)
  • Aug. 29: $3,860,000 (Through 4 preseason games)
  • Sept. 3: $4,010,000 (Last day before regular season opener)

Sometimes, teams will choose to waive the daily fine. If the Seahawks did that and Lynch held out to the start of the regular season, that would lower the total to $2.75 million.

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