The secondary market is now the only option available to fans without seats, after the last available regular season tickets were sold Monday. And it looks like those tickets will be the most expensive in the NFL this season.

Seahawks players arrived Thursday for the start of training camp the following day, and demand for Seahawks tickets on the secondary market is already rising quickly. Statistics from SeatGeek communications analyst Connor Gregoire shows that it's going to be a lot more expensive to catch a game at CenturyLink this year for fans still looking to acquire tickets.

  • $329: The current average price of Seahawks regular season tickets on the secondary market, making it the most expensive in the NFL. Tickets were being sold at an average of $214 at this time last year.
  • $460: The current average secondary market price for the the most in-demand game in the NFL; the Seahawks' home opener against Green Bay on Sept. 4. Along with the Week 3 matchup against the Broncos (current average: $389) and the rivalry game against the 49ers in Week 15 (current average: $360), these games are on pace to be the three most expensive Seahawks regular season home games ever.
  • 14,000: The number of Seahawks tickets that have been exchanged so far on the secondary market. This tells us that a surprisingly large number of Seahawks ticket holders are choosing to hold the tickets for themselves despite their high resale value; in comparison, over 40,000 Cowboys tickets have already been exchanged on the secondary market.

Gregoire recommends that Seahawks fans looking to get the best possible deal wait until the week of the game - but not until gameday - to buy. Last season, ticket prices tended to peak about two weeks to 10 days prior to kickoff, then declined somewhat steadily until gameday.

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