PORTLAND -- The gunman who killed one student and wounded a teacher at Reynolds High School Tuesday was heavily armed and identified Wednesday as a freshman at the school.

Jared Michael Padgett, 15, rode the bus to school with an AR-15 type of rifle, a semi-automatic handgun, a knife and nine loaded magazines hidden in his guitar case and duffel bag, according to Troutdale Police Chief Scott Anderson. He was also wearing a non-ballistic vest and a helmet with a camouflage design.

He entered the school through the gymnasium and moments later, killed fellow freshman Emilio Hoffman in the locker room, although police have no indication that it the 14-year-old was specificaly targeted.

Padgett got the weapons from his family home, somehow breaking through the security locks, Anderson said.

PEteacher Todd Rispler encountered Padgett in the locker room and suffered a gunshot wound as he ran to alert the school. Somehow, he still managed to initiate the lockdown that likely saved lives.

I cannot emphasize enough the role that Mr. Rispler and the responding officers played in saving many, many lives yesterday, Anderson said. Given the weapons and amount of ammunition that the shooter was carrying, the early notification and the initial law enforcement response were critical.

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